Which pots work best for orchids, violets, various succulents, and cacti?

Rompicato’s range features two series of self-watering cachepots in a number of shapes and sizes: CUBO and GIRO. Plant-lovers around the world have expressed an increasing interest in smaller-sized flower cachepots because of the growing popularity of in-home orchids and violets.

Both Giro S and Cubo S cachepots are designed specifically for small potted flowers. They will be perfect for your home orchids, violets, various succulents, and cacti.

Self-watering pots with a wick cord are the ultimate solution for plants with short roots. The self-watering system helps maintain an optimal microclimate and temperature of moisture inside the flower pot, and it also helps prevent adverse conditions associated with the soil being too damp or too dry.

Our cachepots are an optimal solution for orchids because they help maintain a suitable level of soil moisture. The flower receives regular and sustained amount of water and can be nourished additionally if you add necessary fertilising supplements into the water.

A wide colour range and a number of textures to choose from will help you pick the best flower cachepot for your interior design, whether you prefer monochrome solutions or bold colour highlights.

You can always spice up your interior with unusual flowerpot placement solutions, too: shelves, racks, tables... or even the floor. If you have panoramic windows or glazing, you can create your own little sunroom! Larger-sized floor cachepots are yet another uptrend today.

Measurements for self-watering cachepots:
Giro S and Cubo S: exterior cachepot at 14 × 14 × 14 cm, size 1.1 l; inside pot at 12 × 9 × 9.5 cm (top diameter × bottom diameter × height), size 0.75 l.
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