Interior design items by Rompicato: handmade from eco leather

About Us
Rompicato is a home and interior design brand for items of superb quality. We have turned common flower cachepots and storage boxes into standalone pieces of decor.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of classical style or contemporary minimalism: our products blend effortlessly into any interior. We design our range for those who love surrounding themselves with beautiful things, appreciate both modern design and practical function, and are always on the lookout for something special.
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Looking at an eco leather cachepot, one feels the urge to start decorating their entire home with indoor flowers right away. At the same time, a regular shelf that houses our storage boxes becomes a stylish unit in its own right; you don’t even have to put anything inside!

Rompicato is a brand for those who want to style up their room interior and express their creativity while they’re at it.
Our Products
Where can you buy?
Storage boxes with lid and planter with automatic watering system made of eco leather with delivery can be purchased at online stores
Our approach to materials
Eco leather is a hypoallergenic sustainable material that is widely used in production of clothing and bags, accessories and shoes, as well as for upholstering furniture or car seats. It is manufactured by coating cotton or a non-woven fabric with a layer of polyurethane.
The exterior requires no |
Modern technology helps achieve highly strong adhesion between the base fabric and the polymer coating, the result being a highly wear-resistant material. Its other advantages include softness and flexibility, water- and wear-resistance. And don’t forget our wide colour range and a pleasant variety of textures!
This is exactly why our eco leather boxes and containers are nice to the touch, are not affected by contact with water, and are very hard to scratch or damage in any way.
Why Rompicato?
We have combined durable binder’s board with strong eco leather to produce stylish and long-lasting home and interior design items. They are authentic and elegant; they imply that little things make everything cosy and that beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder but in those very little things designed just for that.

Our products’ clean and modern design makes them an all-purpose solution for any interior from tried and tested classics to Scandinavian minimalism.

Interior design items by Rompicato make the room both neat and cosy. With their help, all the little things that used to generate visual noise acquire their very own stylish home instead.
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